Come and see us at the Motorhome & Caravan Show at the NEC on Tuesday 15th to Sunday 20th October.

We will be on stand 12.94 with RP Leisure Group and will have the first 3X UK specification caravan for you to view!

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***NEWS*** BeauEr Expands Its Horizons Into The UK

Eric beau, CEO Beauer sas (left) and steve young, director rp motorhomes ltd (right) seal the deal in front of a beauer 3x caravan

Eric beau, CEO Beauer sas (left) and steve young, director rp motorhomes ltd (right) seal the deal in front of a beauer 3x caravan

The French caravan manufacturer BeauEr, are proud to announce its expansion into the UK caravan market by sealing a deal with one of the UK’s up and coming motorhome manufacturers, RP Motorhomes Ltd, who will be the sole UK importer of the BeauEr range of expanding caravans.

BeauEr have been manufacturing caravans since 2012 and with the growth in demand from the UK market for its ‘small but big’ caravan range, it was the logical step for them to find a UK company who could partner with them. The unique caravan range work on a basic principle: small enough to be easily towed on the roads, yet big enough to provide every comfort. The patented design and technology of this amazing expanding caravan, along with its strong design features and layouts provide the user with a unique leisure experience. The expanding pods work using electric actuators to push / pull the slide out, side modules which allows the small caravan of 4m2 to convert to a large 12m2 space. As if by magic the floors and furniture unfold and within 60 seconds the caravan is ready to use.

RP Motorhomes have recently also launched its own slide out pod on its Mercedes-Benz Sprinter based ‘Rebel’ motorhome. With a strong and extensive background in manufacturing and engineering, director Steve Young is excited about working with BeauEr.

“This is an amazing opportunity for both RP Motorhomes and BeauEr to expand into the UK caravan market. Coming from a similar background and both sharing an interest in slide-out technology this is a perfect partnership. With our attention to detail and leisure vehicle design, we are excited at the prospects of working together and introducing new designs in the future.” Steve Young

BeauEr’s 3X model will be on display at the NCC Motorhome and Caravan Show at the NEC in October 2019. For more information please contact BeauEr UK on 01423 781 212, email or visit our website at

Who are we?

BeauEr is a French manufacturer of recreational vehicles, established in 2012 and based in Poitou-Charentes. The company is the brainchild of inventor Eric Beau, who is excited to fulfil the high demand for extendable caravans. BeauEr distributes worldwide their range of products which are manufactured near Angoulême, France.

The BeauEr 3X concept was born in 2009 with a simple idea of its inventor: 

A small but expandable caravan that has everything like a big one.

Easy to tow on the road and quick to unfold with all the comforts of a large caravan.

This concept, patented internationally, is based on the telescopic principle (or pull). This technique allows you to deploy 3 modules horizontally and therefore tripling the living area. This operation does not require tedious installation and one person can deploy the modules with minimum effort, in less than 20 seconds .

The system works using electrical actuators powered by the 12V car battery or 220V.

The principle is clever but straightforward: in the folded position, the internal furniture fits together in its opposite empty space. Once unfolded, this furniture is set up automatically without any manipulation.

The transverse positioning of the axle creates a small external size and the width remains that of a conventional car (1.9 m). This compact size enables easy road handling and also reduces wind resistance whilst towing.

Please watch the videos below to see the BeauEr caravan in action….

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